Monday, January 6, 2014

New Series - APOMM #1

I thought it be nice if occasionally I write about something besides makeup or skin care… It is under no other particular category… Just mindless ramble… So I had a notion of calling it as the APOMM series… Now what’s APOMM...? Simple... It stands for A Piece of My Mind

Today I want to just rattle on what I discovered in my baby journey of blogging

When I initially started blogging I dreamt of great and big things which are listed below in the series I thought or rather wished it would happen…
  1. I would post a new article every 2 days
  2. I would soon have more than a 100 subscribers within two months
  3. I could expand my makeup collection for the blog and hence two birds in one shot..
  4. I would start getting noticed by brands
  5. I would then be invited by brands for launching events
  6. I would somehow grow taller, slimmer and my frizzy locks would somehow be tamed to shiny curls and all that jazz ;)
  7. I would be invited to the Ellen show… (boy that’s a dream that seems more unrealistic than 6)
  8. ……….. wha…. Whattttt.. oh nooo someone woke me up

Well on goes the list…Somehow not only did events not go according to the same order but some of them never happened… Now the only thing that happened was I expanded my makeup collection… Anyways now here’s a list of what actually happened…

  1. ………………
  2. I’m still waiting for something to happen….
  3. I discover some other blogs.
  4. I ask for support from the other bloggers.
  5. Some of them respond.
  6. SURPRISE SURPRISE .. Now here’s the most interesting and unexpected factor of blogging… Not only did some bloggers extend their humongous support but also we fast became friends, chatting up mostly makeup and of course anything from salt to sale… I was amazed at how brilliant it felt to meet new people…
  7. I learnt that blogging is hard… That it requires much patience and hard work…That it requires a lot of planning, contemplation and commitment … So next time you see a beauty guru on You Tube don’t be envious of the fame and products that they receive… They deserve everything drop of respect they get… 

So since I have only started my journey I’ll have to stop with my experiences since they are yet to come…

P.S. Most of what I expected are just exaggerations of my devious mind ;)


  1. As a new blogger, I understand exactly how you feel...I had such dreams too...
    but its really takes hard work and patience to get noticed....
    All the best to you Dear!! I hope all your dreams come true...

  2. Hey, I am loving the new series :). Seriously speaking, it is indeed really tough blogging. Sometimes I think 24/7 am thinking of what my next post should be. Hehe. All the best with everything.. Even meeting Ellen :P. Hehe... Love ya, Irene!

  3. Hey I am loving this new series. Seriously speaking, I am thinking 24/7 about what my next post should be!. That's how committed I am. Blogging is tough indeed. Girl, I do know that you am a makeup freak. Hehe. You really haul so much but that just means we get to see a lot of hauls, which I LOVE to read. Anyways, hope your dreams come true. Love ya, Irene! (Hope this comment goes thru. Second time typing it. Hate it when I have to type long comments for a second time!)

    1. Oh Naznin... I'm a very impatient little woman... Even with products I want fast results... But blogging is a good way to divert my energy and tensions... And about the haul I'm seriously thinking of not buying anything at least for the next 6 months cause I'm too overwhelmed with my stocked up drawers.. But of course you will still be seeing my haul posts of stuffs I did buy before leaving for India...