My Beau-tatistics


I have very dry eczema prone skin all over. 
My face is combination to dry skin. 
Even though my face is as dry as the desert it is still prone to acne mostly hormonal.
Like many people I'm also a victim of hyper pigmentation.
What annoys me most about my face is facial hair which I do epilate (Ouch! That even hurts to say)
I'm matched to a M.A.C Studio Fix NW40 foundation but which I am most certainly sure that it's not correct.


My treasures will most certainly include my dry, frizzy hair that almost cannot be managed and upon which I have completely given up hope. I have chemically straightened it twice and will definitely do it again.


The first thing someone would notice about me is my height or rather lack of it. But I make up for it by constant loud chatter, you know, just in case someone doesn't see me. I blame my round figure on my height and of course on my genes (But most definitely not on my sweet tooth). I’m always on an eternal diet which sort of sputters on and off like an ole Fiat Padmini engine (For those of you’ll who don’t know what it is  ... It’s an ole ole Indian car)