Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cozy Winter Tag

Hello Ladies

I really wanted to do this tag before I left for my vacation but simply did not find the time with all the hassles of packaging.. It was created by Abidha Ayoob, a fellow blogger... She's a real awesome bubbly person and her blog is one among the most cheerful ones I've ever seen...  So everyone do check her out...

So let me get on with the questions...

1) Your favorite winter beauty routine?

Personally my favorite beauty routine in winter is snuggle up under the blankets and sleep n sleep n sleep.. But if you ask me about something that requires a lil more effort I would say:

  • Smearing my feet with Vaseline and pulling up a pair of socks over it... Its like a 2 in 1 routine... I get to stay warm and yet my feet are being pampered. 
  • A hot oil bath... I heat up oil in a bowl and have a good body and hair massage ... Because the oil is warm it readily gets soaked up and all you have to do is follow up with a bath with lukewarm water.. And you're done for the day...
2) Your favorite winter lip product?
Oh this is probably the hardest of the lot... so after weighing a lot of options I decided to go in for two products... One would have to be the Nuxe Reve de Miel Lipbalm and the other would be Revlon lip butter in Sugar Plum which a perfect color if you are shy of bold shades and yet wish to follow the trends of the season..

3) Your favourite winter nail polish?
I'm not a nail polish addict..(I'm sure my hubby thanks his lucky stars for this).. I rarely ever paint my nails because my nails are terrible.. I have the shortest nails ever because let's just say I'm a lady of petite sizes.. And besides I love to keep my nails clipped which I feel is more hygienic for me and my baby.. So if at all I would have to choose a shade I would go for Revlon Top Speed in Stormy ... It's the perfect taupe-grey-purply nude color... Another perfect shade would be Prestige Color Plus in NLP23 – Ebano which is a dark chocolate brown vampy shade.

4) Dark lips or winged eye liner?
Dark lips... Although I love to go nude (Ahem! I certainly did not mean anything other than makeup...) I love the winter trend of dark lips but not vampy though... Just on the line of dark plum-y shades...

5) Your favorite winter clothing?
Awww I'm not thinking any further for this... I love my big chunky sweater from H&M ...And to top it all of it's a beautiful bright minty green color..

6) Your favorite winter accessory?
My desired winter accessories would have to be my awesome boots... I think I got it from Forever 21... And I'm in love...

7) Your favorite winter comfort food?
I would have to say anything that piping hot and has chicken in it... Chicken is especially good in winter as it helps to warm up our bodies… And there's nothing nothing like Chicken Soup to keep the flu at bay…Mmmm now all I can think of is Shawarma...

8) Your favorite winter beverage?
Yaay !! I was waiting for this question for soooo long... I just recently found these two awesome beverages... They are Lipton's Chai Latte in Chocolate and Almonds..

9) Your favorite winter scent/candle?
Well it's been quite some time since I've gone candle crazy mostly because it's not healthy for my baby to inhale.. So something that I have gone bonkers with is this Cinnamon body cream... The cream is terrible but the scent... It's splendid... It’s divine … It’s cinnamon!!!

10) Your favorite winter memory?
My most cherished winter memory is of course my trip to UK for my first wedding anniversary. It was then I experienced true sense of the season - Winter!!

11) Your favorite winter decoration?
Winter for me is always associated with Christmas... And my first choice of decoration is the star.. For us Christians the star holds a very deep and special meaning… Though Christmas has been commercialized to gift giving and a lot of different trends.. I’d like to think of it still as the day we were all blessed with eternal life… Oops sorry if I went too spiritual there…

12) Your favorite winter/holiday movie?
Oh boy!!!This list is endless and I could never probably sum it up but what comes to mind are:

Thanks Abidha for tagging me... I loved doing every minute of it and particularly getting the snaps together... Now to tag someone... The only other blogger I know who'd be up for it would be Samareen from A Woman With A Pen... So Samareen hope you'll do it and pass it on to other bloggers n friends alike... 


  1. Thanku so much for doing this tag Dear :) :) and appreciating me more than i deserve :P :P :P
    I loved your favorites and want to personally try out some of them :) :)

    1. Hey Abi.. I should be thanking you for tagging me and personally I had a lovely time doing it... And like I mentioned earlier it was a perfect blend of questions....

  2. Hey Irene!. I loved reading your answers!. I have yet to try the socks plus Vaseline trick though I have heard it being talked about by many beauty gurus!. I own Sugar Plum too and I love it. But I love Pink Truffle more than that. Revlon lipbutters are so awesome!. Reading you comfort food answer, now I need a shawarma and it's only 7 in the morning now :P.. I have yet to try the Chai Latte Foamy. For the Chai Latte 3 in 1 my fav is Caramel. But it's been over an year since I last had it. I wish I changed up things in winter so I could have something fun to write about :(. I literally stay the same throughout the year!. Hey, you been to UK??. OH Boy!. Girl, am feeling so jealous right now!. Sweet :). I really wish I can go to Switzerland one day and see snow... Hope you having an amazing time in India!

    1. Oh I love Pink Truffle too but it makes my upper lip area look dark so I am so hesitant to use it... Me too I never have much of a change during the seasons but now I try to so that life is not so monotonous..

  3. Thanks Irene for tagging me :)
    Fab post :)

    1. Your welcome buddy... Can't wait to see your post..

  4. Just posted it! :)
    You can view it here -