Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Review: Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser

Good Morning Divas

Did that sound cheesy? If it did, I just never said it... So I was wondering the other day that just as technology has advanced, so has beauty... There were the really medieval times when people used tree barks to scrub themselves down and then the good ole era when shower time was just an uncomplicated piece of lye soap, fluffy towels and bubbly shampoo… But now it’s all about a sophisticated routine whether it is your shower time or bedtime (Did that sound weird?? I’m sorry and it was totally not intended).. And one such debonair member of the beauty family is body conditioners.

Body conditioners are basically an additional step to your shower routine that can offer two benefits: They increase your body’s moisture level and on those lazy days you can skip the after-shower moisturization. My first experience was with Lush which has a variety of body conditioners like King of skin and Ro’s Argan... And I have to admit that I simply loved the guilty pleasures of King of Skin (What is wrong with me today???) and at the same time felt miserable about spending so much on something that was going to be washed off down the drain. So I was pretty excited to see a drugstore brand come up with the same theme and that’s how it all started…

Product Claim: Get Silky,soft skin - while in the shower.


Packaging: This comes in two versions: a white squeeze bottle for normal skin and a blue squeeze bottle for dry skin and both containing 250ml of product.

Product: This resembles a white, quite thick consistency cream. After you have showered and cleansed your skin simply take an ample amount and massage it into your body and then you rinse it off… OMG this applies like a dream… Its best after a hot shower since this just melts into your skin and while it is still on you are left bedazzled by how smooth your skin feels… By the real trouble comes when you rinse it off… If you are extra observant you will definitely feel a film of some sort has deposited on your skin… But don’t be fooled into thinking that this is any layer of moisture... For as soon as you dry yourselves you will begin to see those dry flaky patches of skin( and this was during summer!!) and you are forced to take out those tubs of moisturizing creams again…So all in all this was a terrible product.. Did nothing for me.. Maybe that’s not true... It gave me an illusion of how it would be if it worked.. So maybe this was just a teaser for the product yet to come…
Price: AED 15

Availability: All local supermarkets and pharmacies carrying Nivea products

Verdict: Come on, take a wild guess…There you are... Of course it’s a NO


  1. Seriously are crazy ;)
    Btw good review...I never had an idea what skin conditioners were!! Illiterate me!! :P

    1. Haha... Btw I forgot to put in the snaps...

  2. Hey!. You tried it!. Well, am disappointed that it didnt work for you and you didn't like it. I will be doing a review soon on my blog about my experience. Stay tuned please :)

  3. Oh will definitely wait for urs... I guess I was expecting too much.. Because the King of skin worked like a dream...