Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Review: Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Serum & Moisturizer

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My main skin concern is hyper pigmentation which ranges from blemishes to age old acne scars. So whenever I choose a moisturizer I hate it to be just hydrating and am always on the lookout for claims of fading scars and evening out skin tone. So that's when I found this and decided to give it a try...

Product Claim: Delivers soothing hydration as specialized ingredients break apart surface darkening and exfoliate it away. Instantly brightens, clarifies. Results within 4-6 weeks


Serum: A white pump bottle containing 30 ml of product.
Moisturizer: A similarly packaged twist open jar containing 50ml of product. I love that it is a twist open jar since I won't have to cut open to use the last bit of product.

Product: I am going to be reviewing both the products at once since I used them hand in hand and hence it is only wise to do so. So I put on the serum followed by the moisturiser. The serum is a yellow buttery liquid that goes on so smoothly on the skin and is instantly absorbed by the skin. I would have to use about a pump and a half for my full face. Immediately I would follow up with the moisturizer that was white and light and had an SPF 20. It was a perfect cream in terms of consistency, application and finish on skin since it was very light weight, smooth, non greasy and almost matte with a touch of dewiness. Now here’s the real deal, I’m so disappointed in the fact that they did not keep up with the claims... Initially in the first week my skin just dramatically lit up and a little of my hyper pigmentation was fading away but that was it… Even after continuous usage for two months I failed to see any other result... It was like as though the products just died on me… I’m almost out of the serum (scraping the last bit from the bottle) but a good sized portion is still remaining on the moisturizer… But once it’s done that it’s... I’m saying my goodbyes forever…

Serum - AED 275
Moisturiser - AED 294

Areej  in Al Wahda Mall and Marina Mall
Faces in Marina Mall and Khalidiya Mall
Paris Gallery in Abu Dhabi Mall and Khalidiya Mall

Verdict: Sadly no…

P.S Both products were 100% fragrance free...


  1. It's really sad when such high end products fail to work. Just makes one feel so low about wasting money!

    1. That is so true.. I wished it would work but then it did work for a lot of other ppl so its just booooo for me... But another good fact is that it lasted a very long time for me.. So it was at least moisturising my face if nothing else...

  2. Oh boy!.. Such a waste of money. Seriously, lower priced items work better than this!. I would have expected Clinique to work better than that!