Saturday, October 19, 2013

Review: Foreo Luna Mini

Hello everyone...

Hope all of you'll have a smashing set of holidays... Belated Eid Mubarak to all... So today I just wanted to present quite a few details on the cleansing device Foreo Luna Mini


If I were in a hurry I would simply say 'It’s a cleansing device' and it is exactly that and nothing more or less. But in this tech savvy world, even beauty has come up with many unparalleled technologies. So considering the question again I would have to quote this from their website: The LUNA™ mini a seriously stylish device, which employs the next big thing in skincare - T-Sonic™ technology – a radical new approach to cleansing that is both deeper and gentler at the same time. By channeling transdermal sonic pulsations across the skin’s surface, the LUNA™ mini will transform the look and feel of the skin within just 3 days. It works by cleaning pores of impurities to reduce the causes of blemishes, while smoothing and refining your skin’s texture for incredible results.

Now the second question will have to be:

There are a lot of competing devices in the market and the most popular being the Clarisonic which has taken the entire beauty world by storm. It has proved itself in the market and is the next best thing to getting a facial spa. But supposedly the Foreo Luna has surpassed the Clarisonic in many ways including technology and price.
  1. The Foreo Luna is nonporous and thus keeps bacteria buildup away for a far more hygienic cleansing surface than standard sonic brushes. Each one of the LUNA™ mini’s 1,300 nonabrasive touch-points are coated with smooth silicone. And because it is so hygienic there’s no need for any replacement brush heads. (Although there's no solid evidence to support this statement.)
  2. With its smart, compact design, the LUNA™ mini is fully rechargeable for up to 300 beauty treatments per USB charge, so it’s perfect to take on the go. 
  3. It’s also completely waterproof which means you can use it in the shower. 
  4. It does not propagate any kind of purging of the skin as opposed to the Clarisonic advertises skin purging to be normal after use of the device. I'm not sure whether dermatologists would agree on this topic.
  5. With a 2-Year Limited Warranty and a 10-Year Quality Guarantee, there’s every reason to invest in your skin!

Front end of Foreo Luna Mini

Rear end of Foreo Luna Mini

  1. Apply a cleanser of your choice on your face. It is ideal to use a gel like or thick consistency cleansers as it is quite inconvenient if you have a very light to runny cleanser. This cleanser should not contain any scrubby particles or else the smooth silicone touch points of the device will be damaged.
  2. Switch on the device. The device has 2 speeds  When you press the button once the high speed is selected. Press again to choose the low speed. Press once more to switch it off.
  3. The device when switched on just vibrates and you have to rub it all over your face. The mini's touch-points are specially configured into 3 zones – so whatever your skin type, the LUNA™ mini has the answer. There's a general cleansing zone (cheeks ,forehead etc), precision cleansing zone (for the sides of your nose etc.) and deep cleansing zone for those extra oily areas.
  4. For 4 times every 15 sec it switches off and on. This indicates the time to move to the next area of your face.After that it goes steady and switches off after an entire 3 minutes since the device must not be used for more than 3 minutes at a stretch.
  5. Rinse the Luna mini and allow to dry.
  6. You are supposed to use the device for a minute each both day and night to obtain the best results.
  7. There is a light at the bottom of the device that turns on when the device is in use and charging.
  8. The device has a USB cable for a charger.

  1. There are 5 colors available: Petal Pink, Turquoise Blue, Purple, Cool Grey and Magenta. I'm not much of a pink girl so got the Turquoise.
  2. You can only purchase this online at
  3. There are 3 options: Foreo Luna - $ 199, Luna Mini - $139 and Luna Luxe - $ 6500/8800 (Outrageous!!!) + $9.90 in shipping
  4. When you order from Foreo they will send you a mail confirming if you are willing to pay 20% extra as import duty which is approximately $7 . This should be paid to the courier service.But when the package finally came I did not have to pay anything.

The Foreo Luna Mini is an amazing device... It has definitely helped me achieve an absolutely spotless, squeaky clean face. Also I felt that my skin was astonishingly softer. But the greatest achievement would be that it totally smoothed my face.. I had some acne bumps that had healed but not shrunk and few days after using the Luna my face was considerably smoother.. Also in my personal opinion the device takes care of the mild exfoliation that you need on a day to day basis.

P.S. All the italicized font are quotes from the product's website 


  1. Wow!. Thanks for the detailed review. Love it!. Can you also tell me which delivery service they used and whether you gave your physical (your apartment) address?. Also when you got the email asking to confirm whether you want to pay an extra 20% what did you reply?. Thanks again. Loved your review!

    1. Hi Naznin.. How was your Eid celebrations.. So the ordering process went as below:
      1. I ordered and I gave my hubby's office address.. I'm not sure if you can give your apartment address though
      2. They sent me a mail if I was willing to pay the extra import duty
      3. I confirmed back that I was willing to pay cause when I calculated it came upto approx AED 25/-
      4. They shipped via DHL Express and I received it within 3 days once they shipped.

    2. Hey, thanks for the detailed reply. 3 days is really fast. Amazing!. That makes it very clear to me. My Eid went great. Went to Dreamland Aqua park :).