Saturday, October 19, 2013

MUA Cosmetics Haul

MUA Cosmetics is like the "ELF" brand of UK with a difference: It ships worldwide and that too at flat rates of £7.50 and sometimes you can even grab a deal for free shipping. So here are some stuff I got from MUA a couple of months back...The best part of MUA cosmetics is the fragrance… All their products have a vanilla like or candy scent... I've kept all these items together in a box and OMG!!! when I just lift the lid it’s like a candy store gone wild...

  1. Trio eye shadow in Chocolate Box - £1.25 - This is a trio of two taupe - brown based shades and an orange bronze shade                                                       
    MUA Eyeshadow Trio in Chocolate Box

  2. Trio eye shadow in Emotions - £1.50 - This consists of a beige white, vibrant gold and a muted purple, all with gold flecks              
    MUA Eyeshadow Trio in Emotions

  3. Secret Gel Eyeliner in Short List - £1.50 - A shimmery grey gel eyeliner                                                                                           
    MUA Secret Gel Eyeliner in Short List

  4. Every Lash Mascara Waterproof - £1.50                                             
    Every Lash Mascara in Black

  5. Fashionista Diamond Rocks in Black Pearl - £1.00 - This is the cheap version of caviar nails. It has black, silver and blue beads
  6. Nail Constellation in Scorpio - £1.50 - This is a combination of gold, green and purple beads                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
    From L to R: Fashionista Diamond Rocks in Black Pearl and Nail Constellation in Scorpio

  7. Magnetic Nails in Piccadilly Circus - £1.25 - A purple with shimmer
  8. Nail Quake Nail Varnish in Shiver - £1.49 - A very bright pink with coral undertones                                                                                       
    From L to R: Nail Quake in Shiver and Magnetic Nails in Piccadilly Circus

  9. Fashionista Nail Polish in Rhythm - £1.50 - One of my favorite colors which is taupe grey
  10. Nail Polish in Mud Pie - £1.00 - A neutral muted coffee brown                         
    From L to R: Rhythm and Mud Pie

  11. Lipstick Shade 1 - £1.00 - A deep blue based red in cream finish
  12. Lipstick Shade 2 - £1.00 - A plum magenta in pearl finish                      
    From L to R: Shade 1 and Shade 2

  13. Out There Plumping Lip gloss Pin Up Pink - £1.00 - Sheer raspberry pink 
  14. Out There Plumping Lip gloss Shocking Pink - £1.00 - As the name suggests it is an electric shocking pink though I still don't know why I purchased it.. I probably believe I will eventually get the guts to pull it off one fine day...                                                                   
    From Top to Bottom: Shocking Pink and Pin Up Pink

  15. Sheer Lip Gloss Too Much Fun - £0.50 - Raspberry pink
  16. Sheer Lip Gloss Perk Me Up - £0.50 - Coffee brown                                  
    From Top to Bottom: Too Much Fun and Perk Me Up

  17. Fashionista Plumping Lip gloss Fashion Fuschia - £1.25 - Raspberry fuschia pink (Now I realize I bought way too similar shades!!)                        
    Fashionista Plumping Lipgloss in Fashion Fuschia

I haven't used all of it... So once I'm done experimenting I will post the review and swatches... 

Have a blast...


  1. Hey, nice haul!. So are you saying you didn't have any problems getting the nail polish shipped into UAE?. I have heard good things about MUA before. I love the lip shade 1. Gorgeous!. Nail Quake Nail Varnish in Shiver is beautiful. Trio eye shadow in Chocolate Box is absolutely great. I love the pix. What do you use to click them all with?.

    1. Nope I had absolutely no problems getting the nail polishes shipped.. I love the shade 1 too but I'm going to have to gather up some courage to pull it off cause it's like literally like the boldest lip ever...

    2. OMG!! It's so funny that you should ask me which camera I use... I'm a terrible photographer and I have such teeny tiny hands so a DSLR is out of the question... So I use a fully automatic Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FX700 .. And getting ready is a whole procedure.. Open up all the curtains... Switch on all the lights possible and then hop around for an angle that gives me the least bit of shadows.. Hehe and my backdrop is my baby's blanket...!!

    3. You are so funny!. The blanket does make an absolutely amazing background.

    4. You are so funny!. The blanket does make an absolutely beautiful background!