Sunday, September 8, 2013

My First Glambox Haul - August 2013

If you’re an avid YouTube viewer you'd probably know that US is the heaven of cosmetics ... And alongside every purchase you'll get a ton of samples and also there are a million setups like glam bags, ipsy, qvc test tubes etc. that you can subscribe for a bag full of sample goodies. So when GLAMBOX (a similar concept) came to UAE I was eyeing it and every month some other commitments came up and subscribing to it was delayed. So when they announced the August box in collaboration with Benefit, I pounced on the chance and signed up for a three month membership amounting to AED 239(~AED 80/month). So I waited about 2-3 weeks and finally got the box… I ripped open the package to find a pink box which opened up to another golden box.. Now inside the golden box lay a bunch of Benefit products nestled on black straw.. I was Flabbergasted!!Stupefied!! The products inside were so miniscule that I needed to sit down… Phew… I was expecting samples with at least one full sized product. But all I got were teeny tiny fragments.. So let’s get down to details:

Inside the box:
  • A RIPANI booklet and 20% discount card – This is a store in Dubai Mall selling bags and accessories. I’m never going to use this voucher as I can already see that the bags are going to be ridiculously priced and a 20% discount is like a drop of water in the ocean.
  • A benefit card advertising their new 15 hour primer and another one depicting their brow bar services with a card to receive a free Brow tint when a brow wax is purchased.
  • A Glambox card stating the products in the box with their full sizes and prices.
  • Five petite samples from Benefit.

More on the products:

1) Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Foundation

Original Size - 30ml = AED 172
Sample size - 5ml ~ AED 29
Now even though this is an average sized sample it is pretty useless as it is not even close to my skin tone. It's way too light for me so unless I’m dressing up for Halloween that’s just going to sit and rot in the drawers.

2) The POREfessional Primer

Original Size - 22ml = AED 144
Sample size - 3ml ~ AED 20
This is so microscopic that I’m even scared to hold for fear off squirting out all the contents but in all fairness I can most probably get 3-4 uses of it and hopefully will be enough to determine its performance.

3) ChachaTint

Original Size – 12.5ml = AED 146
Sample size - 2.5ml ~ AED 29
Now this is a product that has a decent size in comparison to its usage. Since it is used as a blush or a highlight a very small amount is required and a very small amount it is..

4) They’re Real Mascara

Original Size - 8.5g = AED 120
Sample size - 3g ~ AED 42
I was hoping on a full size of this product as I never knew they manufactured mascara in tester proportions but apparently they do. This mascara is like finding a needle in a haystack. I haven’t opened it because I don’t want to use it right away. But I’m pretty sure there’s no stem in the wand just the bristles… ;)

5) B.Right Total Moisture

Original Size - 48.2g = AED 206
Sample size - 8.9g ~ AED 38
I will literally have to scoop out this cream using a toothpick , Its even  smaller than most eye creams which are at least 15g.. So don’t know what moisturizing I can achieve but I’ll have to live with it.
Click here for full review

Total Value of box ~ AED 158

Now seeing the total value reduces my disappointment but at the same time sample products are meant to be large enough to try on and assist the user in making a decision to purchase it or not. But I feel this month Glambox has just thrown in products for the sake of it and neatly wrapped it in the brand name of Benefit. Sincerely hoping the next two months won’t be a disappointment.

Stay tuned for reviews on these products after I’ve used them or rather after I've managed to use them. Do let me know if you need any products to be reviewed first.

P.S. No offense to Benefit though.
To subscribe to Glambox please use the link below:

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  1. Sorry to know abt ur disappointment ... waiting to know more after u manage to squeeze out the samples ;)