Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Over & Done With #1

Hello Divas...

"Over & Done With" will be a series of posts wherein I show you products that I've completely used up and categorize it into as either Will Purchase Again or Not.

These products I have listed below were collected over a period of time and may include skin care, makeup or hair care. So let’s hop right in…

1. Freeman Papaya & Lime Shine Conditioner 400ml - AED 14-16:
This is such a disappointing product. It’s true I haven’t found a conditioner that actually imparts shine to the hair but the least every conditioner does is conditions or rather softens the hair and makes it less tangled. But this condition even failed in that area and the only good thing about this conditioner is the fragrance which is like a tropical paradise. And yes of course, I will not be purchasing it again. 

2. Dove Indulgent Nourishment Body Lotion 400ml - AED 19-21:
This is a really good creamy moisturizer that is not greasy and you don’t have to work hard to rub it in as it is readily absorbed into the skin. It has a very delicate scent of Shea butter. The only problem is that it is a bit sticky to touch though not too much. Will not be repurchasing it. 

3. Johnson's 24 Hour Moisture Soft Cream 300ml - AED 16-18:
This is one of my favorite and staple moisturizer. It is the right consistency, not too thick and not too light. It makes my skin so soft and supple and does last for quite some time. The fragrance is very light and fresh. Yes will definitely repurchase.

4. Pantene Pro V Smooth & Silky Shampoo 200ml - AED 7-9:
I was seriously blown away by this shampoo. I just bought it because it was a nice travel size. This shampoo really smoothes dry frizzy hair as it claims. Awesome product. The whiff would be a normal shampoo scent. Will repurchase and also want to try out the conditioner from the same range.

5. Ponds White Beauty Natural Day Cream 50g - AED 16-18:
This one is a disappointment as it did not live up to its claim of evening out skin tone and reducing dark spots. To the most it’s a light and easily absorbed moisturizer in a pretty jar.

6. Freeman Facial Moisturizing Cleanser in Kiwi & Yoghurt 150ml - AED 21-23:
Have you used a product that you feverishly hate? Well for me this one is in the list. Now I am a person who tries to make a product work around at least till the entire tube/jar is over but this one, I have to throw it off. Now I have seen cleansers that claim to be moisturizing and still dry out skin or those with unpleasant scents but I haven’t seen a cleanser that does not even remove a tiny bit of dirt from your face until I bought this one. It does not cleanse at all. Will definitely not repurchase. Sorry I forgot to notice the scent in my fury.

7. Byderm Atopia+ Emollient cream 200ml - AED 50:
This is a cream suggested by my doctor as an inexpensive dupe for Bioderma Atoderm PP. This comes amazingly close to it as it’s a light weight, non greasy formula that is free of fragrance, parabens and coloring. It is also hypoallergenic which makes it perfect for eczematic candidates like moi.. This is available only in pharmacies but you can purchase it without prescription.

So do you have any products that you absolutely detest? If so do let me know in the comments below.

P.S. The above products are available in leading hypermarkets like Lulu, Carrefour, KM etc unless otherwise stated.


  1. Looks like Freeman products are a big No no

    1. Yes at least this cleanser it.. Though I really wanted it to work cause yogurt is one of my favorite ingredient