Sunday, September 15, 2013

Review: Bath & Body Works Hand Creams

Quite sometime back my friend called me up excitedly to inform me that a YELLOW SALE was going on in B&BW and enquired whether I was free to check them out.. I was already aware that their products were on the pricier end and a sale means just a couple of bucks less and readily replied no..Little did I know about the Yellow Sale ... Now the real restlessness began to settle in when she finally sent me her haul pics and their price list... Boy! was I in store for a surprise...The very next day I drove over to their outlet and I was shocked to see their calm and serene store jam packed with hungry ladies grabbing tubes after tubes like as though it was a free giveaway... So I rolled up my sleeves ,flexed my muscles and grabbed a cart and went through a haze of exotic smells and creamy testers for the next hour or so... The next day I went to another outlet and drained out some more cash.. So all in all I have products sitting in my closet to last me another year or so... :)
One of the products I picked up was their hand creams..

Product Claim: With nourishing Shea and Murumuru butters and enriching bees wax,our Signature healing hand cream is now clinically proven to soothe dryness and provide a protective moisture barrier to rough irritated hands and cuticles.Our non greasy formula absorbs quickly leaving hands feeling soft,conditioned and beautifully fragrant.


Packaging: Really cute tubes of 70g. Perfect to pop into a bag and take anywhere.

Product: I would have to say that BBW did a good job of sticking to their claim. I would not be exaggerating if I were to say  that I have probably the world's driest hands ( one of the symptoms of eczema itself is very coarse and dry palms ) and this has done well for me. The product is nice and creamy without being greasy and just about the right consistency to apply whenever you are on the move. You just need a dollop to smother over both your hands so in effect it will probably last you a long time.The fragrances are awesome and do linger on for an unbelievable amount of time. I even got complimented a couple of times by friends and strangers alike!!!

Price: Original - AED 40/- and On Sale AED 10/- !!!!!

Available: Marina Mall, Dalma Mall and Al Wahda Mall

From L to R: Black Amethyst, Butterfly Flower, Orange sapphire and Warm Vanilla Sugar

I own : Basically the 4 Signature Collection hand creams that I bought have the same ingredients and the only difference is the fragrance and packaging.

Black Amethyst : This is kinda hard to place. Not a very strong scent and I would have to say it is a mixture of floral and cologne scent.
Butterfly Flower : Truly the floral scent of the lot. Really awakening and strong fragrance.
Orange Sapphire : Has a more floral than fruity fragrance. There is a very subtle orange citrussy note too.
Warm Vanilla Sugar: This is the classic delicate vanilla scent.

Verdict : Will definitely repurchase.

P.S. The Bath & Body works YELLOW SALE comes only 2 times a year and would be the best time to grab all their products even blindfolded as they really slash their prices

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