Saturday, July 5, 2014


Hi Ladies...

First of all I want to apologize for not posting anything since 2 weeks... I was terribly sick at home and had to take a week off from my office too.. I got a lung infection.. I know it sounds terrible but now I'm fine and all thanks to Almighty...

Another reason I did not want to post which is probably the main reason is that I decided to move on... Yes.. That's the truth.. I'm tired of it all... And I'm breaking up with you BLOGGER ;) ... Just kidding... So I have decided to migrate to Weebly and this will be my last post on blogger here...I have transferred my blog mainly because I'm tempted by the extra flexibility and advanced design options that Weebly has to offer ..  This will still be live because I have not yet decided what to do with my older posts and this was my first... A girl never forgets her first love...

And I will be posting officially from Weebly tomorrow and let me tell you this guys... You do not want to miss tomorrow's post... Its ...mmm.. SPECIAL ... So stay tuned guys... And oh yeah I forgot the main part.. My new address will be but it will be live only tomorrow...So will update you guys on Facebook

So that's it guys n LOVE YA... See you all on Weebly....

P.S. Also for the next few weeks I will not be posting regularly since I'm still working on the relocation and it would be great if you'll could please bear with me...

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Exploring Boots #3 - Soap & Glory Edition

Hello guys

One of the best brands available in Boots is Soap & Glory and I've been wanting to try out their products for so long... All of them are a bit expensive as compared to the other brands available at Boots.. So I was waiting for the offers to go up before getting any of these stuff..And here's where I am... I did not get all of this at once and all of them were bought on different offers...

What I love best about the Soap & Glory products are their witty annotations on the packaging... Scroll down to see them all ;)

1) The Righteous Body Butter Lotion 500ml - AED 85 - Even though it performs like a body butter it has the consistency of a lotion. And the smell is so divine.. It is sophisticated and yet everyday... Clean yet not tangy... Awakening yet not over powering.... 

2) Clean On Me (Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel) 500ml - AED 55 - This is a very light shower gel with the same fragrance as that of the Body Butter lotion ...

3) Scrub Your Nose In It 125ml - AED 50 - This a scrub and mask in one... Can be used either way and is most beneficial for oily skin.

4) The Daily Smooth Body Butter - 250ml - AED 75 - Click here for full review 

So what are you favorite products from Soap & Glory?

P.S. OMG there's a new line of S&G products with amazing blue packaging called as Dirty Works...Need to try that soon..

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Review: Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque

Hello Everyone...

For me as a beauty conscious person I am always trying to perfect out my imperfections. I try my level best to maintain a strict routine to take care of myself.. And let me tell you it's showing good results.. But my hair and nails are probably the most neglected of the lot... I have extremely frizzy and dry hair .. So when I discovered the God-sent tool called "Straightener" I knew I could be one of those normal people who looked presentable at any time of the day... I gradually began relying on the straightener to do everything including swishing the wand at me to produce Cinderella-ish locks... But unfortunately it was no fairy Godmother and soon I began to realize that just simply straightening will not give me those coveted locks...My hair became dry and dull and not to mention all the deep frying I was subjecting it to, it gradually began to wither off and fall apart ... So I took matters into deep consideration and I tried a multitude of products on this unmanageable mess that settled on top of my head.. And this is one of those products….

Product Claim: Macadamia Deep Repair Masque is a hair reconstructor that penetrates and rebuilds damaged hair for improved health, shine and elasticity with no weigh down. Ideal for dry, damaged or color-treated hair of all textures.
  • Provides deep nourishment & ultra conditioning hair reconstruction
  • Rebuilds stressed, damaged hair
  • Leaves hair silky, full of movement and bounce
  • No weigh down


Packaging: It comes in two sizes: 500ml and 250ml... Both are packaged in a very gorgeous twist open tubs with incredible brown and green designs.

Product: This product is so excellent that I just couldn’t believe my eyes. It is perhaps the only product that has worked wonders for my dryness. And I started seeing results from the very first use… So initially when I analyzed my hair I found that the dryness affected my hair from mid length onwards. So I took a small amount of this masque which is very thick and a pale beige - pink color and applied it from mid length… I then used a a frizzy taming conditioner to the upper portions of my hair.. I found that using this in conjunction with a frizz tamer conditioner produces amazing results… After leaving it on for quite some time I rinsed it off and towel dried my hair… When my hair was fully dried I found my hair was much smoother, softer and more manageable, less tangled and it was gleaming!!!! I was shocked… Never has any hair product shown results this fast… I found that the whole trick lies in the fact that the longer you keep it in your hair the better the results are...

Also you only need a small amount so this tub is going to last me a looong time… I only use this once a week because I do not have the time otherwise … I also noticed that it did not leave any residue on my hair or made it sticky and fine…This is a life saver for all those whose hair has lost its luster and health..

Price: AED 190 for 500ml (I know it's really expensive but it will last for more than 6 months and it's truly worth it)

Availability: Nazih Beauty Supplies 

Verdict: Will definitely re purchase

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Review: Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Hi Everyone

Rummaging through my drawers, on items to review, I found nothing that was was so well loved or cherished more than my Real techniques Miracle Sponge . I had heard so many raves about the original Beauty Blender that I wanted to try it for so long.. But the price was a huge showstopper.. I just wasn't ready to pay AED 100 for a sponge!!!... So when Samantha Chapman released this I quickly picked a piece from


Rounded sides blend large areas of the face.

Initially when I first got it I gave it a nice wash but just with plain ole lukewarm water. I found that it expanded to twice its size and then I squeezed it dry. Even after squeezing off all the water it was still bigger than the original size. Then taking a foundation that I detested most and was keeping only for the experiment’s sake I squeezed it onto the back of my hands and dipped my sponge onto it and started dabbing my face. Now that’s when the real miracle took place.. The foundation that was way too light and cakey on my dry face applied like a charm… It swept across all the lines and plains of my face to create a most beautiful and almost flawless finish..And I was a bit skeptical and immediately started suspecting the light in my room to be playing games with me… After prancing around the mirror for half an hour I decided to show my hubby and others.. If otherwise they would have screamt on seeing the cake monster.. But this they were all normal… So this sponge what it did was even out my tone with the foundation and sheered the foundation brilliantly and the water from the sponge marvelously hydrated my face.. Later on I did it with better foundations and got improved results… After getting the sponge I have never used any brushes or my fingers to apply the foundation as they are just not worth it… I have noticed with dewy foundations you need to really squeeze of all the water and for drier/matte-r foundations you need not squeeze out completely.. It all depends on your preferences and you can achieve varying results by varying the moisture level in your sponge.

Other Uses :

Flat edge for the contours around the eyes and nose
Concealor: You can use it to blend in your concealor. I like to blend it my under eye concealor with this for the most part because I am especially dry there and it gives me a naturally bright finish.

Cream Blush: I use this to blend in my cream blushes and the result is a perfectly blushing me!!

Powder: I know.. I know.. a wet sponge and powder.. Ewwww.. So who says this sponge can be used only wet… When dry I swirl it in my compact and dab it on my face..

Precision tip covers blemishes and imperfections
How To Clean It

I always use a shampoo on my palm and scrub this sponge on my palms very gently to remove all makeup.. An antibacterial hand wash/soap would be good idea too and rinse off with lukewarm water. I have seen people use hot water or the microwave method but I stay away from it as I somehow feel this sponge can get its share of wear and tear from those methods…

Price: $6,,,

Verdict: Already have 4 backups…

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Review: Cottage Shower Gel

For me, Monday represents a fresh start to the week. It is the day where the slate from the previous week is wiped clean. It is a day of new beginnings. - Anonymous

And for us - UAE-ians (a word to depict both citizens and expats!)- Monday blues is translated to Sunday blues... So guys lets not start this week with a frown but be glad that Almighty has given us a beautiful day to breathe, love and live.... So here's another review for you guys...

I actually got this Shower Gel from Carrefour before going for my vacation in December...Click here to see my full haul.. And I felt it's about time I get it off my shoulders...

Product Claim: Let its light texture and creamy foam carry you away, enhanced with moisturizing agents and fig milk, renowned for its soothing properties. Shower and Bath Milk with Fig will make your skin soft and smooth.Its soft, delicate fragrance will soothe your senses and perfume your skin enduringly. A pure moment of well-being and relaxation! Paraben-free - pH-neutral


Packaging: A very gorgeous squeeze bottle in lavender color to reflect a fig-ish appearance containing a whooping amount of 750ml of product... Sure is Family size... I couldn't find any other sizes and there was just one other fragrance left.. Something to do with peaches...

Product: It is a milky white, very lightweight creamy textured product. It really feels very light weight and when rubbed onto wet skin it produces an average amount of lather which is a relief to me and the first signs that my skin is not going to be dried out like raisins... I love the feathery feel it has on my skin.. and now for the scent... This is awesome.. I can definitely smell milk-ish something and something so sweet (not sickly sweet though) and mild that can transport you to a world where you can touch your inner senses and feel the aura of peace within...Hehe just trying my hand at copy writing ... Even though I may have been a lil more dramatic than usual I love using this shower gel in the morning cause it is very mild and I already have a shower in the night so there's literally nothing to cleanse and the scent just makes my day.. I really feel it's so mild that even sensitive skin would be able to tolerate it and it does not leave behind any sign of dryness or residues and definitely puts down a firm hand in the field of cleansing. 

Price: AED 22.50 (Really afordable!! It's just 250ml short of a litre)

Availability: Carrefour 

Verdict: Will definitely repurchase.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Review: MTTO Honey & Oat Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser

Woohooo Ladies

For some strange reason I'm feeling all excited and pumped up today.. Only God knows why... So how has your day been? I'm on this really impossible and wacky promise (to myself) to not haul anymore stuff until I have reviewed all the stuff I have bought prior to 11/06/2014 6:59PM.... So any hauls you see hereafter are actually all my old hauls, that I'm posting, to just make me feel I've shopped recently... Weird right!!! Well this is sort of the diet therapy wherein you just smell the food, to get over it's craving... And don't worry if I break this promise, I'm going to be out rightly frank about it to you'll guys... So crossing my fingers that there will be no tempting offers anywhere I hereby begin my monastery mission..

*Terms & Conditions Apply
1) I will have to re stock on items I've run out of...
2) Lipsticks may or may not be included in this promotion...

So back to business and right on track, today I've chosen to review my current facial cleanser: Michael Todd True Organics (MTTO) Honey & Oat Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser (Quite a mouthful)...

Product ClaimUltra-hydrating sweet-lemony honey and oat facial cleanser in a base of refreshing aloe vera juice. Effectively removes makeup and impurities in one simple step.Sulfate free "no tears" formula does not irritate eyes and rinses completely without residue leaving the skin clean, fresh and hydrated.Designed for all skin types and especially beneficial for normal, dry and mature


Packaging: It comes in a very attractive light lavender bottle with a deep purple pump cap.There is only one size containing 210ml of product.

Product: The cleanser is a slightly tacky pale yellow color with a unique fragrance. Now because it contains oats I was expecting it to be scented like the porridge soap from Lush. But in the beginning the scent really bothered me but I got used to it.. And now it feels to me as a pinch of honey fragrance and a scent that I quite cannot put my finger on..Mmmm more on the lines of syrup-py ... Smothering it on the face it lathers up but not conventionally... It does not foam up but produces a smooth creme like lather that totally scored some points instantly... Now once I washed it off I began waiting for my face to show the first signs of dryness but there was none.. I also noticed that it was ultra super clean... With all these points in mind I began using it everyday and I found I needed nothing else to gently or deeply cleanse my skin.. It did not cause any breakouts or rashes.. It was perfect to use with my Foreo Luna as it was not runny and slightly tacky (most probably because of the honey). You can also use this for ages cause I'm still only halfway and you just need a little each time... And the cream of the cake is that it is 70% organic product which is incredible and impossible to ask for in this generation...

Price: $22 .... (I purchased this with along with the entire DRY SKIN regime) (If you convert you can see that it is much cheaper than the chemically stuffed brands out there)


Verdict: Ah- mazing ah-mazing cleanser... Will definitely re purchase...

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Review: Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash

Hello Guys

So what are plans for the upcoming week? As for me I'm still a rocking boat, deciding on the options before me... Now coming to our topic... I'm so obsessed with trying different bath products now... I've totally abandoned the good ole soap and I've sampled everything from shower gels to shower creams and shower oils and shower conditioners and what not..So do not be surprised when you see reviews of an array of such products over the course of the next few weeks..

Thought I’ll begin with the Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash…

Product Claim: It gently cleanses skin with a soap-free formula, with shea butter, that also moisturizes to condition even the driest skin for up to 24 hours.
Add it to your skin care routine to:
  • Gently cleanse dry skin with soap-free formula that rinses cleanly away 
  • Condition even the driest skin for up to 24 hours 
  • Soap-Free Formula.


 Packaging: The packaging was an ordinary squeeze bottle containing 700ml of product.

 ProductLet me tell you this straight up: This is the most moisturizing and awesome-est body wash I’ll ever use and I am beyond convinced that I will not find something so creamy and suitable for my skin ever. So one day on my trip to the groceries I found this body wash and lot of other brands ( which you will see in posts later on) in a collective area marked as “Imported from US”.. So I did have a slight feeling that I did see someone review it and grabbed a bottle… I came home.. I tried it.. I loved it.. I’m obsessed and now I can’t live without it… The scent was a very subtle nutty shea butter-y fragrance and let me tell was not all that pleasant…The actual product was white and thick cream-ish in consistency. You just needed a little to wash down your whole body cause you would have to dilute it with water… It felt so smooth and silky that every time I was showering I felt like I was doing an ad campaign for it and oh boy … It was out of this world.. My skin was soft and supple after the shower with no dry patches.. But I would use a moisturizer afterwards cause that’s just me.. So it is only fair to say that I immediately went and got a second bottle… Now here comes the tragedy.. On my recent trip there I found that they do not have any more stock and have discontinued!!!! I was so depressed that I really sat through the night thinking of where to get it from.. Unfortunately I still haven’t found the answer

Price: AED 34/-

Availability: Was available at AD Coop

Verdict: Would have never stopped buying if it was available.