Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Review: Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

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Rummaging through my drawers, on items to review, I found nothing that was was so well loved or cherished more than my Real techniques Miracle Sponge . I had heard so many raves about the original Beauty Blender that I wanted to try it for so long.. But the price was a huge showstopper.. I just wasn't ready to pay AED 100 for a sponge!!!... So when Samantha Chapman released this I quickly picked a piece from


Rounded sides blend large areas of the face.

Initially when I first got it I gave it a nice wash but just with plain ole lukewarm water. I found that it expanded to twice its size and then I squeezed it dry. Even after squeezing off all the water it was still bigger than the original size. Then taking a foundation that I detested most and was keeping only for the experiment’s sake I squeezed it onto the back of my hands and dipped my sponge onto it and started dabbing my face. Now that’s when the real miracle took place.. The foundation that was way too light and cakey on my dry face applied like a charm… It swept across all the lines and plains of my face to create a most beautiful and almost flawless finish..And I was a bit skeptical and immediately started suspecting the light in my room to be playing games with me… After prancing around the mirror for half an hour I decided to show my hubby and others.. If otherwise they would have screamt on seeing the cake monster.. But this they were all normal… So this sponge what it did was even out my tone with the foundation and sheered the foundation brilliantly and the water from the sponge marvelously hydrated my face.. Later on I did it with better foundations and got improved results… After getting the sponge I have never used any brushes or my fingers to apply the foundation as they are just not worth it… I have noticed with dewy foundations you need to really squeeze of all the water and for drier/matte-r foundations you need not squeeze out completely.. It all depends on your preferences and you can achieve varying results by varying the moisture level in your sponge.

Other Uses :

Flat edge for the contours around the eyes and nose
Concealor: You can use it to blend in your concealor. I like to blend it my under eye concealor with this for the most part because I am especially dry there and it gives me a naturally bright finish.

Cream Blush: I use this to blend in my cream blushes and the result is a perfectly blushing me!!

Powder: I know.. I know.. a wet sponge and powder.. Ewwww.. So who says this sponge can be used only wet… When dry I swirl it in my compact and dab it on my face..

Precision tip covers blemishes and imperfections
How To Clean It

I always use a shampoo on my palm and scrub this sponge on my palms very gently to remove all makeup.. An antibacterial hand wash/soap would be good idea too and rinse off with lukewarm water. I have seen people use hot water or the microwave method but I stay away from it as I somehow feel this sponge can get its share of wear and tear from those methods…

Price: $6,,,

Verdict: Already have 4 backups…

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  1. Wow!. What a stunning product. Love your review. Very detailed and explained. I have always wanted to try a sponge. Maybe I will buy this in near future. Love the pix by the way!