Sunday, June 8, 2014

Review: Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash

Hello Guys

So what are plans for the upcoming week? As for me I'm still a rocking boat, deciding on the options before me... Now coming to our topic... I'm so obsessed with trying different bath products now... I've totally abandoned the good ole soap and I've sampled everything from shower gels to shower creams and shower oils and shower conditioners and what not..So do not be surprised when you see reviews of an array of such products over the course of the next few weeks..

Thought I’ll begin with the Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash…

Product Claim: It gently cleanses skin with a soap-free formula, with shea butter, that also moisturizes to condition even the driest skin for up to 24 hours.
Add it to your skin care routine to:
  • Gently cleanse dry skin with soap-free formula that rinses cleanly away 
  • Condition even the driest skin for up to 24 hours 
  • Soap-Free Formula.


 Packaging: The packaging was an ordinary squeeze bottle containing 700ml of product.

 ProductLet me tell you this straight up: This is the most moisturizing and awesome-est body wash I’ll ever use and I am beyond convinced that I will not find something so creamy and suitable for my skin ever. So one day on my trip to the groceries I found this body wash and lot of other brands ( which you will see in posts later on) in a collective area marked as “Imported from US”.. So I did have a slight feeling that I did see someone review it and grabbed a bottle… I came home.. I tried it.. I loved it.. I’m obsessed and now I can’t live without it… The scent was a very subtle nutty shea butter-y fragrance and let me tell was not all that pleasant…The actual product was white and thick cream-ish in consistency. You just needed a little to wash down your whole body cause you would have to dilute it with water… It felt so smooth and silky that every time I was showering I felt like I was doing an ad campaign for it and oh boy … It was out of this world.. My skin was soft and supple after the shower with no dry patches.. But I would use a moisturizer afterwards cause that’s just me.. So it is only fair to say that I immediately went and got a second bottle… Now here comes the tragedy.. On my recent trip there I found that they do not have any more stock and have discontinued!!!! I was so depressed that I really sat through the night thinking of where to get it from.. Unfortunately I still haven’t found the answer

Price: AED 34/-

Availability: Was available at AD Coop

Verdict: Would have never stopped buying if it was available.


  1. Hey!. Very nice review. I have never even seen this in the market. Didn't know Olay had a shower cream even if it was for a short while!. I love using shower gels / creams more than soap. I will look forward to your reviews ♡

    1. Hi Naz.. Im sorry for not replying any earlier.. totally missed this comment..Yes Olay has a huge variety of shower creams but unfortunately they are not available here...