Sunday, June 22, 2014

Review: Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque

Hello Everyone...

For me as a beauty conscious person I am always trying to perfect out my imperfections. I try my level best to maintain a strict routine to take care of myself.. And let me tell you it's showing good results.. But my hair and nails are probably the most neglected of the lot... I have extremely frizzy and dry hair .. So when I discovered the God-sent tool called "Straightener" I knew I could be one of those normal people who looked presentable at any time of the day... I gradually began relying on the straightener to do everything including swishing the wand at me to produce Cinderella-ish locks... But unfortunately it was no fairy Godmother and soon I began to realize that just simply straightening will not give me those coveted locks...My hair became dry and dull and not to mention all the deep frying I was subjecting it to, it gradually began to wither off and fall apart ... So I took matters into deep consideration and I tried a multitude of products on this unmanageable mess that settled on top of my head.. And this is one of those products….

Product Claim: Macadamia Deep Repair Masque is a hair reconstructor that penetrates and rebuilds damaged hair for improved health, shine and elasticity with no weigh down. Ideal for dry, damaged or color-treated hair of all textures.
  • Provides deep nourishment & ultra conditioning hair reconstruction
  • Rebuilds stressed, damaged hair
  • Leaves hair silky, full of movement and bounce
  • No weigh down


Packaging: It comes in two sizes: 500ml and 250ml... Both are packaged in a very gorgeous twist open tubs with incredible brown and green designs.

Product: This product is so excellent that I just couldn’t believe my eyes. It is perhaps the only product that has worked wonders for my dryness. And I started seeing results from the very first use… So initially when I analyzed my hair I found that the dryness affected my hair from mid length onwards. So I took a small amount of this masque which is very thick and a pale beige - pink color and applied it from mid length… I then used a a frizzy taming conditioner to the upper portions of my hair.. I found that using this in conjunction with a frizz tamer conditioner produces amazing results… After leaving it on for quite some time I rinsed it off and towel dried my hair… When my hair was fully dried I found my hair was much smoother, softer and more manageable, less tangled and it was gleaming!!!! I was shocked… Never has any hair product shown results this fast… I found that the whole trick lies in the fact that the longer you keep it in your hair the better the results are...

Also you only need a small amount so this tub is going to last me a looong time… I only use this once a week because I do not have the time otherwise … I also noticed that it did not leave any residue on my hair or made it sticky and fine…This is a life saver for all those whose hair has lost its luster and health..

Price: AED 190 for 500ml (I know it's really expensive but it will last for more than 6 months and it's truly worth it)

Availability: Nazih Beauty Supplies 

Verdict: Will definitely re purchase


  1. Nice review!. I love the way you write, Irene!.. The 'unmanageable mess that settled on top of my head' has me laughing actually. I own a 250 ml tub of this one but it's a pearlescent white color.. How can it be different colors?

    1. Thnx a lot Naz... Hehe just trying to be funny... It's a pearlescent white only but more on pink n beige hues...