Sunday, June 15, 2014

Review: Cottage Shower Gel

For me, Monday represents a fresh start to the week. It is the day where the slate from the previous week is wiped clean. It is a day of new beginnings. - Anonymous

And for us - UAE-ians (a word to depict both citizens and expats!)- Monday blues is translated to Sunday blues... So guys lets not start this week with a frown but be glad that Almighty has given us a beautiful day to breathe, love and live.... So here's another review for you guys...

I actually got this Shower Gel from Carrefour before going for my vacation in December...Click here to see my full haul.. And I felt it's about time I get it off my shoulders...

Product Claim: Let its light texture and creamy foam carry you away, enhanced with moisturizing agents and fig milk, renowned for its soothing properties. Shower and Bath Milk with Fig will make your skin soft and smooth.Its soft, delicate fragrance will soothe your senses and perfume your skin enduringly. A pure moment of well-being and relaxation! Paraben-free - pH-neutral


Packaging: A very gorgeous squeeze bottle in lavender color to reflect a fig-ish appearance containing a whooping amount of 750ml of product... Sure is Family size... I couldn't find any other sizes and there was just one other fragrance left.. Something to do with peaches...

Product: It is a milky white, very lightweight creamy textured product. It really feels very light weight and when rubbed onto wet skin it produces an average amount of lather which is a relief to me and the first signs that my skin is not going to be dried out like raisins... I love the feathery feel it has on my skin.. and now for the scent... This is awesome.. I can definitely smell milk-ish something and something so sweet (not sickly sweet though) and mild that can transport you to a world where you can touch your inner senses and feel the aura of peace within...Hehe just trying my hand at copy writing ... Even though I may have been a lil more dramatic than usual I love using this shower gel in the morning cause it is very mild and I already have a shower in the night so there's literally nothing to cleanse and the scent just makes my day.. I really feel it's so mild that even sensitive skin would be able to tolerate it and it does not leave behind any sign of dryness or residues and definitely puts down a firm hand in the field of cleansing. 

Price: AED 22.50 (Really afordable!! It's just 250ml short of a litre)

Availability: Carrefour 

Verdict: Will definitely repurchase.


  1. Nice review...never heard of this brand till now...should definitely try it out :)

    1. Me too.. Had never heard of it before but goes to show that they are real gems in the local supermarkets.. We just have to discover them

  2. Very nice review, Irene!. Love the packaging. Lavender color is so nice. I haven't seen this yet. Looks like one I will try out in future. Paraben free stuff are so good ♡

    1. Thanks Naz... Yes I got attracted because of the Paraben free label...Available only in Carrefour