Sunday, April 20, 2014

Exploring Boots #2

O boy!!! I just love the month of April and I can make a pretty sure bet it's because my birthday is coming up..But then again knowing that I am only growing older and not any younger I'm seriously debating as to whether or not I should make April my pick of the lot... Anyway guys here are a few picks I made at Boots ;) ......

1) Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover 150ml - AED 35 - For the first time in my life I got a waterproof mascara... It was so waterproof that many makeup removers were bending their knees before her.. So I decided to pick this one up cause it was on the list of best eye makeup removers of To know the verdict stay tuned to my blog cause there's going to be a detailed post on it soon..  

2) John Frieda Frizz Ease Hydrating Conditioner 250ml - AED 60 - As many of you'll know I am not a hair person... Definitely not one who takes care of their hair so that it's on its  best behavior on the days to follow...So when I picked up this conditioner I myself was pleasantly surprised.. Since it was on the slightly expensive side I used it sparingly just on the tips of my hair.. It was a pretty decent conditioner, quite thick in consistency and having a regular conditioner scent. It definitely made my after-shower straightening and styling much more smoother and quicker. But one thing I was hoping to achieve was more hydrated and softer hair which it did not provide. So I guess I will not be re purchasing.

3) Boots Lipcare Co Enzyme Q10 Lip Balm - AED 14
Boots Mango and Orange Blossom Lip Butter - AED 10

These two lip balms were impulsive purchases as I love practically all lip products. But they were a good deal as they are really moisturizing lip balms and very light weight. They made my lips quite supple and soft just after a couple of uses. The Mango and Orange Blossom smells divinely sweet but not over whelming... And the other one is fragrance free.. Though both are clear lip balms without any tints, they both impart a sort of shine/gloss to the lips.So its even more perfect to use over matte lipsticks...

4) Boots Body Butters in Vanilla & Almond 200ml - AED 55 each - Now here's something on a more familiar note... I'm obsessed with body butters and thick consistency creams as they serve well for a night routine and so I got this on a buy 1 get 1 free offer and was simply delightful... Click here for full review

So that's it guys... Have a smashing week ...

1) Over the weeks to come you may/ may not find my regular posts and this is purely because I trying to manage my time between my new found work , my ever so demanding Princess and some other new commitments... So I have just decided to slow down a bit.. Hope all of you'll will understand and support.. (And yes I do have a ton of posts in my mind just waiting to be written down and photographed...)
2) My main reason for procrastination is that my snaps are terrible and I really wish I could get an amateur photographer to do my 101 pending makeup swatches...


  1. Lovely haul, Irene :).. Ooh those lip butters look so nice. Am a big fan of lip butters!. Looking forward to detailed posts. I always liked the pix you clicked dear!.

    1. Thanks Naz.. Yes the lip butter was awesome... My swatches snaps are terrible... Not eve true to the color...

  2. I have been hearing loads of good stuff about John-Frieda frizz ease products from curly haired girls...really wanna try those...
    Great haul...i love exploring boots a lot...

    1. Me too.. I love exploring Boots too cause most of the stuff available are quite affordable... And the same stuff you can see English YouTube gurus using!!