Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Haul: Michael Todd True Organics

Hello Ladies

If you've been following me for quite a while you'd have probably known that I have been throwing little tidbits about going healthy... But knowing myself I am likely to get bored soon so I am taking all the time in the world for my transition.. I've been trying products and charting out different procedures so that once I'm all converted I won't be tempted to come back into the mess I feel I am in now...Anyways this haul is one such move.. I actually bought this stuff ages ago and haven't had time to post it until now .. So here goes the loot....

So let me introduce the Michael Todd True Organics range of skin care.. They are basically a new line of skin care that is fully made in USA with organic ingredients and absolutely no parabens or triclosan, phthalates or sulfates, mineral oil, artificial color or synthetic fragrance or animal testing. Another striking speciality is the fact that there is   NO added water but all the products are based on aloe vera. Now how this is beneficial is a whole another issue I'm still pondering on...

After all that jazz you might be probably thinking that I spent a fortune on this haul.. Well you're wrong and an entire regimen from MTTO is way less than the eye cream from Bobbi Brown!!!! When I ordered I paid $8 flat rate for shipping but now International shipping is free if you order for $125 or more.. So you can order with your friends and save up on shipping..
So I just got three things from there:

1) DRY SENSITIVE SKIN REGIMEN  - $ 85 - which includes TROPICAL FRUIT SCRUB Enzyme Exfoliating Face Scrub, ORGANIC CRANBERRY TONER Hydrating Antioxidant Toner, AVOCADO MANGO MASK Extra Hydrating Facial Mask, HYDRATION BOOST Blue Green Algae+Hyaluronic Acid , HONEY AND OAT Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser (Click here for detailed reviewand INTENSIVE ORGANIC EYE CREAM with Haloxyl® + Eyeliss®

2) PUMPKIN MASK Enzyme-AHA Exfoliating Treatment - $34

3) CONCENTRATED C SERUM Antioxidant Moisturizing Serum - $37

Dry Sensitive Skin Regimen

So guys I have already started using these products ...Stay tuned for my reviews on them... Until then Have a Blessed Life!!!


  1. Wow....i have heard a lot about this brand...can't wait for your reviews :) :)

    1. Me too.. I've heard so much about them and when I saw the flat rate shipping I just couldn't hold out on the temptation...

  2. Oh my God!. Girl, I am soo waiting to read your reviews. I really wanna try MTTO products. I use a beauty tool from them. Will review that in the soon.

    1. Cool... Can't wait to see the review on the beauty tool... Will update from my side soon....