Monday, February 10, 2014

Sleek Makeup Haul

Sleek Makeup is a UK cosmetics brand quite popular as a drugstore product with the performance of a high end brand but the best part is their packaging. It’s so sleek ;) (pun intended)…

I ordered from their own website on 29/10/2013 and received the items on 13/11/2013... Pretty fast I would say…Well so without further ado let’s go straight to the goodies...

1.) i-Divine in Storm - $9.99 – This is one of their most popular palettes which can be used to bring about a variety of smokey and neutral eyes.

2.) i-Divine in Vintage Romance - $9.99 – I was tired of getting neutral brown palettes and so decided to change my track record to something a little more colorful. This palette has some pinks and purples with a touch of neutrality and yet is not the same boring ole bunch of eye shadows.

3.) Blush in Coral - $5.99 – As usual I ended up buying a brown-orangey red shade... I must remind myself that summer is over and we are in the midst of my favorite season of all- winter…

4.) Blush in Rose Gold - $5.99 – Again this is a pinky coral blush but it highly recommended as a dupe for the legendary NARS Orgasm blush…

5.) True Colour Lipstick in Dare - $6.49 – This is matte dark vampy red with brown undertones. It is a neutral red and hence would suit most skin tone

6.) True Colour Lipstick in Tweek - $6.49 – Ah this is a very beautiful cream finish lipstick in dark mauvey brown.

So that’s it... I just wanted to sample out Sleek products from all their categories and let me see how it turns out… Stay tuned for swatches and review…

You can purchase Sleek cosmetics from:


  1. I would like to order the rose gold blush from but I dont hv a pobox nor zip code is applicable.i stay in it possible to get it delivered at the door step ?? Did u get a tracking number for ur order or u selected the cheapest shipping option? ?

  2. Hi I would like to order the rose gold blush but hv no p o box nor the zip code is applicable as I stay in dubai. Is it possible to receive it at the door step n did u get any tracking number wid ur order or did u choose the cheapest shipping option on

    1. Hi Razzle Berry.. Welcome to my blog... Whenever I order anything I order it to my hubby's office address so that there is a P.O. Box .. So I am not 100% sure but I pretty much think you cannot order without a P.O. Box since it is not Fed Ex or DHL...Try asking your friends who work... A simple office address will do..And Sleek Makeup uses Royal Air Mail and I chose the cheapest shipping with no tracking.. It was pretty decent... Also just for your information the Rose Gold is a veryvery pretty color but way too light for my skin color and hence I use it as a highlighter...Have a nice day...

  3. Awesome haul! Did you check Rose gold color in Blush? Its beautiful!