Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Over & Done With #3

Hello Ladies...

Settling back home in Abu Dhabi means only one thing.. Its time for the huge cleanup and here's what I found that's going in the trash can...

All products are available in local supermarkets unless explicitly mentioned.

1) Tresemme Salon Silk 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner 900ml - AED 30 - This used to be the staple shampoo in my shower... I must have used at least 6-7 bottles of this and it really controlled my frizz and made it smooth... It really made me feel like I was using some salon product because it really worked for me and this surprised me because not many shampoos controlled my frizz... But sadly after using this shampoo continuously it sort of died on me and now I’m not wowed after my shower... I don't know if I just got used to its effects or whether it stopped working on me (I've heard that a product can fail to perform anymore after you use it religiously for a long time). Will not be purchasing again.

2) Sunsilk Co Creations Damage Reconstruction 200ml – AED 8.75 – This is a conditioner I would definitely not pick up since I know for a fact that my hair damage cannot be repaired… I constantly use heat and a lot of products that I am not willing to give up.. So the only reason I picked it up was that when I went for swimming lessons ages ago someone told me that using conditioner on your hair before getting into the harsh chlorinated pool water will sort of lessen the damage your hair might be prone to and this was the only one available in the grocery… And yes this conditioner did help my hair in that way…  It was more of being safe than sorry… Before using this conditioner, after a lesson, my hair was all dry and scratchy but after I used this my hair was the regular mop… (Sheesh but it really made it hard for my swim cap to stay on.. ) . Will not be purchasing again.

3) Loreal Elnett Satin 75ml – AED 14.45 – This is am amazing hair spray.. It actually made my curls stay on for around 5-6 hours and this is great because my hair is straightened and nothing can hold the curls… But it stinks a bit and tastes real bad if it gets into your mouth… Already have a backup …

4) Lush Hair Doctor 95g – AED 65 – I actually bought this for my hubby who was having terrible dandruff issues but he never used it and although I had a clean scalp I was forced to use it up… It really smells bad and has a cooling sensation when applied on your scalp… But I’m not sure how it works since I did not have any problems to begin with… I do remember though it was messy to wash off… Don’t think I will purchase again for the unreasonable price…( Available at Lush store in Al Wahda Mall)

5) Dove gofresh Body Wash in Cream Oil and Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena – Click herefull review and price.

6) Bath & Body Works Hand Cream - Click here full review and price.

7) Sebamed Moisturizing Cream 75ml – AED 33 – This was an average cream. There was nothing particular about it that was great and moreover it was quite greasy on my dry face.. So imagine the oil slick it would cause on oily skin type people… But it would be a good night cream since it does have beneficial points like an ideal pH value and Vitamin E. Will not be purchasing again

8) Vaseline Total Moisture 24hr Nourishing Lotion 400ml – AED 20 – I am so disappointed with this lotion since I heard so many nice reviews on it and I really wanted it to work since it has one of my favorite ingredients: Oats.. Oats is especially good to soothe skin issues like Eczema.. But this lotion sadly was not moisturizing enough… It was light and had a clean fresh fragrance but was ineffective when it came to hydration… I felt that I had to re apply so many times to combat dryness. Will not be purchasing again.