Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Moisturizer Madness #1

Recently on a trip to a supermarket for some grocery shopping I developed a sudden urge to try out some different moisturizer than my usual Jergens... I ran on nostalgic lines upon seeing brands like Nivea and Dove whose moisturizers I used up like nobody's business in the past and somehow they were all replaced with Jergens... I definitely need some drugstore brands because I moisturize my whole body two times a day and sometimes even more and definitely high end brands aren't economical..So I picked up a few moisturizers all in their smallest tub sizes to experiment and possibly reach a verdict... So here they are...

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula 100g - AED 11.75 - This has definitely been one of my favorites. It is so thick that it can be considered solid. Now as you scrape it off from the tub it turns creamy and finally when you apply it on your body it melts to a buttery consistency. It is a buttery yellow in color and smells like cocoa butter goodness.. It is quite greasy and extremely moisturizing so it's best suitable for dry to very dry skin type. Also since it contains Vitamin E I've noticed that it has helped in smoothing out some of my scars and they are fading away. Now this needs a lot of massaging or else it will sit on top of your skin like a grease ball. So I use this only on my hands and feet as I don't have the patience to use all over my body.
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula

Himalaya Intensive Moisturizing Cream 50ml - AED 17.50 -   This cream contains two of my favorite ingredients: Wheatgerm (rich source of Vitamin E) and Sweet Almond (an excellent moisturizer for driest of skin including eczema prone skin). It's a thick, white cream with a fresh scent. It makes your skin so soft and supple. Again this is quite thick and hence needs quite a bit of rubbing into skin. So therefore I only use it on my hands and feet.

Himalaya Intensive Moisturizing Cream

Dove Silky Nourishment Body Cream 150ml - AED 13.25 - Whoever named this is a genius cause this feels like silk on your skin. However it mentions that it is for normal skin and so it is perfect for whole body. It is white, creamy and easy to apply since your skin just drinks it up and so I use this for my whole body except hands and feet.

Dove Silky Nourishment Body Cream

Nivea Angel Star Body Soft Souffle 200ml - AED 7.45 - This is the one of the most surprising purchases of the lot. The difference being the consistency of this product. It was like putting pudding on your body. You simply have to buy this to experience it. And once on your body it melted to water like state and is readily absorbed by the skin. It can be used as a very light moisturizer though it is not very effective in this regard. It is pale pink and has a strong perfum-y raspberry scent and contains yoghurt.

Nivea Angel Star Body Soft Souffle

Verdict: Out of the four I really liked the first 3 but the fact is I haven't made up my mind since there are a lot more to try


  1. Lovely post!! I am now getting more into bosy moisturizing :)

  2. Lovely post!! I am now getting more into body moisturizing :)

    1. Thanks pal... I wish I had the freedom to just shower and be done with it but sadly I can't do that cause I have very dry skin and after an hour or so it really shows...

  3. Nice post!. I have the Dove cream and I love it. Never tried that Nivea one. I feel like trying it after reading your review. The Palmer's product sounds really great.