Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Surprise Haul

Hi guys...

I did not think I would post something new before I left for my vacation.. But I had to share this with you guys and I did not want the title to be a spoiler...

OMG I got IT.. The ONE palette that captivated the hearts of many... Compelled the women of the world to go nude ;) ... Took away the meaningless blabber of colors and gave new dimensions to neutrals... 

And I'm talking about none other than URBAN DECAY NAKED 3... (Drum roll please... tatadadaadada)

So here are pictures... Uhhh I'm still drooling over them... I'm sorry I did not have any time to swatch them... But they will be up soon.. So stay tuned...

Availability: Sephora, and

Price: AED 279

Half the buzz is in the packaging.. Hats off to the design team...

Back side of the cover

The four different primer potion samples and The Palette

My knees get weak at this sight....

The Killer Shadows


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah I succumbed to it....Tried my best to resist...

  2. Ohhh wowww..... I am waiting for the chance to go get these!!! :) :)

    1. Oh you should .. They are so beautiful.. But I dint get a chance to try them though...

  3. Ooh you bought it!. Those samples come when you purchase it?. Bought it from online?.

    1. Yes the samples are included in the box.. Got it from Sephora since I wanted to swatch them before I bought it...

  4. I really want the Naked 3 palette but they don't have it in my country...
    Lucky :)

    1. OMG!! There's a place where UD is not available... Don't worry Im sure if you wait around you find it anyhow..