Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Review: Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner

Have you ever owned a beauty product that was never hyped about in the YouTube world or in other social media but you felt was the best possible thing created besides chocolate (of course!!).. Well as I hold this pencil in my hand that's exactly how I feel... 


Packaging: They are pencil eyeliners containing 1.2g of product

Product: If I say these eyeliners were creamy that would be an understatement. The first time I swatched it in Lifestyle I was shocked cause it literally "glided" over my skin. They my usual skeptical self took over... It had to be the heat of the lights that made the eyeliner soft... Anyways it was just a drugstore product and couldn't hurt to try... So I bagged the green shade and went home to rip off the scotch tape and lo behold!!! The new piece was as creamy and smooth as the tester...So then I tried it on my upper lash line and again it was the same effect and I knew I had to get some other shades too and that’s how I ended up with the remaining three… There are reviews online that really mentions this eyeliner to be a dupe or even better version of the notorious Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner…There are around 5-6 shades… If used on the lash line it does take a little time to set but once it sets it is practically smudge free and really long lasting. Now on the water line it lasts only for 2-3 hours max and you can't complain.

I own: 

  1. LWL - 09 Outrageous Emerald - This is the first shade that I bought... I most often like to use colored eyeliner on my lower lashes for that slight pop of color. This is a beautiful emerald green and works like a charm.
  2. LWL - 02 Bold Brown - I use this on my lower lash line and waterline for a soft look and on days when I just want to leave the drama back home ;) 
  3. LWL - 01 Deepest Black - Oh boy... This is the darkest black I've ever seen and is perfect to use on both lash lines and waterline and as a base for the famous smokey eye…
  4. LWL - 04 Fierce Blue – A gorgeous deep sapphire blue
From L to R: Fierce Blue, Bold Brown, Outrageous Emerald and Deepest Black

It is too creamy that sometimes the eyeliner breaks off (I’ve read that sometimes people pop it in the freezer to harden it) and is difficult to apply on the lash line (So in such cases I use an eyeliner brush)
It is in pencil form and hence a lot of product gets wasted while sharpening.

Price: AED 39/-

Availability: Lifestyle & Boots stores

Verdict: Yes yes and definitely yes


  1. Yes and you should definitely try them..

  2. Love them!! nice review and nice blog as well :)
    I was about to review them :p

    1. Thanks a lot Samareen...Hey which all colors do you have..

  3. Wow!. The colors are so vibrant and gorgeous!. Love them <3

    1. Yes.. Very beautiful colors.. But their purple wasn't nice