Sunday, November 17, 2013

Review: Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream

“And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!” - Audrey Hepburn

I have never been worried about getting older... I don't mind the men folks getting to know how old I am or how many laugh lines I am developing... It is a talent to age gracefully. 

So it wouldn't be a surprise to you all to know that I've never used an eye cream before. Probably because of the unreasonable prices brands have tagged onto those micro sized tubs of cream. But what made me finally bag one home is "delivery". Yes... Soon after I gave birth to my lil princess I got my first ever attack of dark circles… I used to have dark circles before but it wasn't noticeable but now after sleepless nights I was having a big package from that department: puffiness, dark circles and terrible bags…What made it worse was the fact that I had specs and they will cast a shadow which can create the illusion of even more dark circles… I did not poke around every store under the sun… I knew what I wanted and went straight to Bobbi Brown.

They had two different kinds of eye creams: Hydrating Eye Cream (which is just an under eye moisturizer) and The Extra Eye Repair Cream.

Now even though the price was difficult to deal with I closed my eyes and convinced myself that after the mind racking ordeal of child birth I needed to pamper myself... Hence I proceeded and devotedly started smearing it every day and night…

Product Claim: Do your eyes need something extra? Packed with peptides, natural plant oils and humectants that target fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and dryness, this rich, concentrated cream visibly revives eyes.


Packaging: It is a classy twist open glass jar containing 15ml of product which is really a lot in terms of eye cream.

Product: This white cream is quite thick in consistency. And so you will have to melt it between your fingers before application which will ensure complete absorption of product. Let me tell you without beating around the bush that this is delight in a jar. Within a week of using this product I noticed marked improvement. My dark circles were visibly reduced because this cream took care of all the puffiness. Also my extremely dry under eye area was repaired to marvelously hydrated soft skin. I can’t tell you much about the fine lines or wrinkles because I wasn’t on the lookout for them and personally do not care. I was simply looking to clear up my raccoon eyes and this did a wonderful job. I used it every morning and night and it was miraculous. I also found that using this underneath my concealor made it go on smooth and less cakey.

Price: AED 402 (I know that the price is quite scandalous but this product is going to last you for a year and this is how I pacified my after-purchase-guilt)

Availability: Bobbi Brown stores can be found in Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi Mall, Marina Mall 

Verdict: Will definitely repurchase but I still have left for a looong looong time

So let me know what eye creams have you'll used and how effective they were..


  1. Wooo..thats really pricey...but glad its worth it....I am still on research for a good eye cream...will definitely look into this :) Thank you

    1. Yeah it was a bit too much but there's a lot of product and won't need to buy for a year or more..There's a hydrating version that only about half the price and my friend who got it said it was awesome too... I heard Kiehl's has a remarkable avocado eye cream... But it's also super duper expensive and available only in Dubai..

  2. Irene!!... AED402??. *faint*.. Hehe. I think it targets all the problems you mentioned having. Thus it's a good investment indeed. I think it's really great to invest money into skincare.. Nice post :)

    1. Sigh.... It was a splurge... It took months to get over the guilt... But I'm wondering you know women in the past did not spend like this and nobody complained.. But today you have dark circles and the whole world is like "What happened?Did you not sleep?" And they tag you as not presentable...The standards that has been set.. Its a pity

    2. Yes its a pity indeed!. But it cant be changed now. That's the prob with the society!