Monday, November 18, 2013

Over & Done With #2

Hello Pals...

Isn't the weather awesome... Launched straight into winter and I looove when the day is all gloomy and cozy and of course not to mention the splendid showers... This is the perfect time to snuggle under your blanket and take that long overdue nap but as usual I'm all perked up to clean my room...
And what did I find ...? Another bag full of empties that needs reviewing and throwing out... So without further ado let’s get cracking

  1. BBW Sea Island Cotton Body Butter 200g ~ AED 70 (Original Price) and AED 17 (Sale Price): Fairly thick body butter, much thicker than the Body Shop ones but it does a better job. It does make your skin real soft and supple but it is as expected quite greasy and hence makes it suitable as a night cream. The Sea Island Cotton version has a subtle sweet fresh fragrance. Will purchase again.(Available at BBW outlets)
  2. Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash in Pink Grapefruit 150ml ~ AED 40-42: This is a gritty scrubby face wash. I had heard good reviews about this and hence purchased it. It contains salicylic acid. However I am not sure if it did me good but after using this, my acne was less frequent and even after I stopped I remained free of pimples. It had a nice fresh fragrance and even though was targeted at oily skin it did not dry me out. But there was nothing wow about it and hence will not purchase it. 
  3. Bioskincare Olive Body Butter 200ml ~ AED 30: Oh this was a terrible product. It was just a tub full of undesirable qualities. It was greasy and thick and not at all hydrating. Within a couple of hours after applying it I would notice dry patches and flaky skin and hence definitely a no-no. 
  4. Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel 250ml ~ AED 40: This again was a miss… I don’t know but nothing in Body shop has ever worked for me… and same goes for this! This was too drying and too much of lather… The scent was marvelous but after a while it made me sick and reminded me of strawberry cough syrup and boy!! it sure did last for a long time just when I wanted to finish it … So never again … (Available at Body Shop outlets)
  5. BBW Warm Vanilla Sugar Triple Moisture Cream ~ AED 50 (Original Price) and AED 12 (Sale Price) : Click here for detailed review (Available at BBW outlets)
  6. Neutriderm Anti Dandruff Shampoo 120ml ~ AED 66: This is one dandruff shampoo that has worked for me to a point that I no longer have dandruff anymore… It was prescribed by my dermatologist and hence is only available in pharmacies (no prescription needed) 
  7. MaxFactor Xperience Volumising Mascara ~ AED 64: This is a very old mascara and I absolutely detested it. It gave me no volume and no length. (Available at Lifestyle and Boots outlets)
  8. Maybelline XXL Curl Power Mascara: I don’t even think this mascara is available anymore. But it was a good two sided mascara with one end having an eyelash primer and the other end with the mascara. Used to really curl the lashes and give them the doll like effect.
P.S. The above products are available in leading hypermarkets like Lulu, Carrefour, KM etc unless otherwise stated.


  1. I love anything Vanilla.....I would like to try the Warm Vanilla Sugar Triple Moisture Cream....
    Good post!!

    1. Me too I love vanilla... But I used up way too many tubes of this so I'm kinda tired of this scent..Towards the end of the sale only this one scent was available ...So next time hope to try some others..

  2. Hey BBW seems to have had an amazing sale man. The prices are amazing. I checked out the current sale but was out of there in less than a min because i was actually looking at gift sets and even on sale they were above AED110. So skipped it. Very nice post. The Neutriderm shampoo sounds good. From the name of Bioskincare Olive Body Butter, it would be something I would choose but thanks for the heads up. It sounded real messed up!. Great post, Irene :)

    1. Hey the yellow sale is biannual and it is just round the corner.. Normally they have it around 2-3 days after Christmas... So keep a lookout.. Sigh I'll be missing it.. Going to India...

    2. I never knew about it. Thanks!. Will surely wait for it :)