Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Christmas Gift Already!!!!

I know its a bit early to be talking of Xmas gifts but let me tell you that I take my Christmas very seriously :) ... So I was wondering what I could ask my personal Santa (which is my hubby) or rather what could I choose from my foot long wishlist .. And that's when I found about this...

Foreo Luna is the latest innovation in cleansing devices as well the competitor to Clarisonic ... I decided to place my bet in this for a lot of reasons.. More details and review coming soon... Stay tuned dearies....

Foreo Luna Mini in Turquoise


  1. Girl, you are introducing newer things to me!. I just researched more on this product and it's actually better than Clarisonic. Wow. I want one too :)

    1. Haha... I havent used it yet.. Will post a review once I've started... So then you can probably decide whether to get it or not..

    2. Where did you purchase it from?

    3. Hey, do let me know where you bought it from and it's price..

    4. Hi Naznin.. Apologies for not replying earlier.. Was out of town.. I'll be posting a detailed article on it today within minutes... Do check that out.. I've tried to be as exhaustive as possible..