Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cherry Culture Haul - Part 2 - Jordana Cosmetics

Hi Ladies

For those of you'll who haven't seen the Part 1 of this haul : Click Here

1. Jordana Color Tint Blush Stick - $2.99 each
a) Blushed - It's a cream blush with a combo of orange, pink and peach and soft golden shimmer 
b) Rose Petal - This is more fall oriented and is a mauve-y rose color

From L to R: Rose Petal and Blushed

2. Jordana Powder Blush - $2.49 each
a) Coral Sandy Beach - This is one of the most popular powder blushes of the brand and I can see why.. It's a gorgeous peachy pink with gold undertones and very subtle gold shimmer
b) Coral Radiance - A bright true coral matte blush

From L to R: Coral Sandy Beach and Coral Radiance

3. Jordana Color Effects Powder Eye shadow - $1.99 each
a) Mauve My Way - A matte plum-y mauve color
b) Your Majesty - A dark matte muddy brown

From L to R: Your Majesty and Mauve My Way

4. Jordana Easy shine Glossy Lip Color - $1.99 each - OMG these smell like their respective fruits...
a) Sugar Plum - A deep cherry red 
b) Grape – Tini - This is my favorite of the lot and it's quite difficult to describe. It's a purple pink with plum mixed into it.
c) Pink Lemonade - A very sheer pink almost appears clear
d) Watermelon Juice - An everyday pink color
e) Brown Sugar - A sheered out nude brown 

From L to R: Watermelon Juice, Grape-Tini, Pink Lemonade, Sugar Plum and Brown Sugar

5. LA Colors Eye shadow Pot - $1.20 each
a) Jaded - Dark matte green

L.A Colors Eyeshadow in Jaded

6. Cherry Culture Lip Balm – Free with every order of $20 or more!!
a) Bubblegum

Cherry Culture Lip Balm in Bubblegum

Detailed review including swatches will be up soon.


  1. Loved the haul!. The powder blushes look awesome particularly the Coral Sandy Beach one. Are the lip colors creamy in consistency?

    1. Oh yes the blushes are awesome.. I loved them.. even more than the Milani ones.. This Jordana is a sister concern of Milani... The lip colors are creamy and light weight but they do not have a long staying power..